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Friendship is weird…

Friendship bracelet for you and your cat... Hahaha

English is weird

Hahahahaha. Wow!

modern family


mind is blown.

This is awesome.

well when you put it like that...

oh my gosh...


Wizard of oz with Dorthy and Toto and Alice from Alice in wonderland with Cheshire Cat. I've seen some weird shit

Faith In Humanity Restored – 24 Pics


Seriously! Come on, Netflix. I think we're all tired of the weird Indies, BAD Adult Swim shows, and bad 80s movies....

Too late.

Girl Code lol #isthatweird ? haha SAME. Isabella-Sophia Noah-Jayden. Esther Grace

This is hilarious

all the time

They just don't get me here.

Hence why it's so hard to find friends anywhere else. ;-)