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20 color by music notes and symbols with a St Patrick;'s Day theme!! Great for your sub tub. ♫ CLICK through to view the set or save for later! ♫

VOCAL DEVICES - This resource is a 19 page PDF file containing: ♫ Information pages: the description of 13 vocal devices/techniques. ♫ These pages can be projected onto a screen or printed off to aid teaching and class discussion. VOCAL DEVICES. Information, student workbook and listening activities.

Halloween worthy positivity song - FREEBIE for all grades. Studio recorded with Justin Timberlake's drummer. Funny and true. #positivity #higher_level_thinking

Music Worksheets Winter Color by Music Symbols. 26 in the set!!! ♫ CLICK through to check them out of save for later!

MUSIC Halloween Worksheets B/W 24 Music theory worksheets. ♫ CLICK through to preview or save for later! ♫

48 World Instruments Cards to laminate and use to create a world music wall!! ♫ Click through to read more or RE-PIN for later ♫

HALLOWEEN RHYTHM ACTIVITIES. ♫ 32 rhythm worksheets ♫ Designed to reinforce students’ knowledge of note and rest values! ♫ CLICK through to preview or save for later! ♫

26 CHINESE NEW YEAR Music Colouring Activities! ♫ CLICK through to see the full set or save for later! ♫

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