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After 12.1 I don't want to see the word Burpee! haha

But they work. Burpees light, burpees with a clap push up, burpees clap push up and then jump up to a chin up sets of 15 of these and I'm Hating life but love the results. What ever kind just dare to take on the burpee.


fit quote: dear extra fat in my body, you have 2 options. make your way to my boobs, or gtfo.

Make it a habit.

Choosing good habits over bad habits, how habits are of our daily life. Changing to good habits will lead to an easier life.


This is so true! Especially with exercise, people tend to reward themselves after a workout with junk food. So just remember: you're not a dog!

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weight-loss-motivation-fitness-quotes-if-it-doesnt-challenge-you-it-doesnt-change-you - weight-loss-motivation-fitness-quotes-if-it-doesnt-challenge-you-it-doesnt-change-you.

Eat well. Move daily. Hydrate often. Sleep lots. Love your body. Repeat for life.

Inspirational Quote - Life's too short not to be healthy fit and happy! Eat move hydrate sleep and love!

...and when you think you're running at your hardest, push just a little harder. Yes, you can.

I absolutely love Zumba. At my local Lifetime Fitness there is Zumba 6 out of 7 days of the week. With everything from aqua Zumba to Zumba with weights there is something for everyone.

Burpee defined #crossfit **in grade school they called these squat thrusts. The hubs and I STILL hate them.

burpee definition - cardio purgatory and attempted homicide :) pretty much how I feel every morning when they roll around!


Your 10 Biggest Fitness Class Mistakes

This is literally my life lol I work out because I eat. a lot