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    Always connected. Always mobile. Gen Y workers have a reputation for being tech savvy and having short attention spans. Which jobs do they prefer? Do they go to college? PayScale shares a snapshot of Mr. and Ms. Gen Y at work.


    Sandwich Anti-Theft System

    Pacemaker with a warning system

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    5 Tips for Creating #Pinterest Images People Love to Share. Please Pin and Hire Marki Lemons to teach your next Pinterest class,

    Wrote abt the 7 tips that ppl shd know when starting a new biz

    Y-Size Your Business: How Gen Y Employees Can « Library User Group

    Books that Startup Entrepreneurs should have and Read!

    16 Ways Educators Can Use Pinterest

    I wasn't at all sure where to put this, but I suppose this is close enough. :) A more appropriate category would be something like, "Something I Want To Be," but I'm not going to make a whole new board just for that. Though if I did, maybe I'd have a better idea... hm.

    14 Must-Read Personal Finance Blogs for Young Professionals

    Networking is a key trait to lead you to successes in life - Whether it be Business, Entrepreneurship, Career or even Relationships. These are the 4 networking organisations where you can join today!

    #Pinterest for #Business


    A few days ago, we wrote about 2012′s movers and shakers of education – aka, the Forbes list of ’30 Under 30′ in the education field.

    Reading about the d transmedia industry with d expert who worked on Transformers films and TRON legacy. Insightful read

    Wrote my 1st story for What's After SPM in Malaysia - One of the best-selling books for national school exam leavers in 2011

    Are you debating a venture into the world of education app development? More power to you. Seriously. It’s rough out there. Everyone and their brother has an education app these days and you need to have a novel idea to really stand out. Even then, that’s not enough to make it big. It’ll take several years of hard work, persistence, and being able to survive the cutthroat world of app marketing. (Edudemic gets at least 100 emails a day asking for us to review an education app!)