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    'Spill some black pepper where ever you find mice or rats, they'll take one sniff and head for the hills!'

    Self-Resetting Mouse Trap

    How to Repel Snakes From Your Backyard. Snakes give me the willies!!!

    Use peppermint to repel mice. Mice hate the smell of peppermint. Position peppermint plants near wall corners. Pour generous amounts of peppermint oil on cotton balls. Place the saturated cotton balls on areas where mice are possibly seen--around counter tops, under the sofas in your living room, behind shelves, wall corners or on the floor beneath your kitchen sink. 2 Use bay leaves to repel mice. Dry them, crush them into powder and sprinkle them on kitchen floors and pantries.

    Moles can wreak havoc on an otherwise gorgeous lawn. Here's our favorite tried and true recipe for getting rid of those pesky hole digging beasts! 1/4 cup castor oil 6 tablespoons water 2 tablespoons liquid detergent (We use Dawn) Combine all ingredients in blender until consistency of whipped cream.

    Lattice and cheap PVC pipe from the hardware store - would work for displaying so many different things

    Keep this in mind if you start seeing lots of spiders around your place. Natural spider killer or preventer... take one cup of vingar, one cup of pepper, a teaspoon of oil and liquid soap. Put it into a spray bottle and spray along the outside of your outside door and along windows; refresh after it rains.

    "Swarms of Mosquitoes on my patio led me to an old home remedy - Did you know that chopped up garlic makes mosquitoes disappear? I buy minced, dried garlic at local Fiesta grocery stores and sprinkle it around on my patio. I have to stand back as I am using it - mosquitoes will literally swarm out of your plants and bushes to get away from the smell. Works like a charm!!"

    Ok, so unless it’s Mickey or Minnie, I don’t want a mouse in my house. Depending on where you live however, mice infestations may be unavoidable. If you live near fields or in rural areas you may occasionally have those little critters creeping into your otherwise pest-free home. Get Rid of Those Bothersome Mice – Without Paying a Professional

    : How to get rid of voles in your garden

    Is it just me...or do you find this funny?

    Outdoor Mouse Magic Repellent

    Predascent for Moles/Voles

    If you are having problems with moles (or other small animals) try using this formula to drive them out of your yard...

    Tree Stump Removal - Get rid of tree stumps by drilling holes in the stump and filling them with 100% Epsom salt. Follow with water, and wait. Live stumps may take as long as a month to decay, and start to decompose all by themselves.

    How to get rid of outdoor ants1

    Moles are highly destructive and can ruin a garden and lawn. Use method #6 to get rid of this pesky creature....If you can't find castor oil, Exlax tablets work wonders when shoved down Mole holes...they are attracted to the chocolate scent

    How to get rid of squash bugs and companion plants to discourage them.

    All Natural Snake Repellent Ingredients Clove oil Cinnamon oil Simply mix a 50:50 mixture of clove and cinnamon oils and spray them around the foundation of your home, dog houses, walkways, garages, doors or anywhere you want to keep snakes away from.

    get rid of moles, slugs, fungus, rabbits without harming pets.