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Crown your cakes with our glorious homemade buttercream frosting recipes

Copycat Texas Roadhouse Butter- Whipped Cinnamon Honey Butter, this flavored butter will take your bread to the next level! Super easy with 2 ingredients and 5 minutes! Spread it on everything! via @savorycooking

The Best Caramel Dip

Pumpkin pudding cookies on ...these are super soft and delicious! Click here to download Download whole gallery 27 No-bake Desserts! Click here to download Download whole gallery The Best Caramel Dip (EVER!) Click here to download Download whole gallery

Italian Garlic Butter

Italian Garlic Butter ~ You can use it for making a simple garlic bread, You can melt it & use it as a dip for your lobster, Good for just spreading on a dinner roll and it would be great when making something like a tuna melt- instead of the usual margarine on the outside.

Sriracha Ranch Dipping Sauce

You'll LOVE this Sriracha Ranch Dipping Sauce that blends ranch & sriracha together. It's perfect for wings, fries, burgers & more. via @KleinworthCo

Delicious Coconut Milk Coffee Creamer Recipe (Non-Dairy & Paleo-Friendly)

for those who like a bit of sweet in their coffee Fast Paleo » Coconut Milk Coffee Creamer - Paleo Recipe Sharing Site