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  • Justina Cotton

    I appreciate my PINTEREST followers! I love it when we share the things we love, and I really enjoy all the sweet comments! .... Have a great day!

  • Super Star

    I Appreciate My (Pinterest) Followers! You guys always pin the coolest pins on this group board, and everybody seems so nice, happy 26th everybody- happy pinning!

  • Tracy Todd

    I appreciate my Quotes & Sayings followers! I love it when I get "repinned" and sweet comments!

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♥ Thanks for Stopping by, Viewing, Pinning Following My Boards. Pin Anything as Much as You would Like ♥ I wish you all the best today and everyday! ♥ Tam

been there. pinned that. I see so many things that I pinned being assigned to people as originally pinned, there are so so many out there! You go Pinners!

Do You Know What I Love Best About Pinterest?... Sharing like this! Thank you for being here! Monika Freidel

Only on Pinterest and Twitter and Instagram. Let's make sure I clarify this statement. haha.

really grateful to have gotten to know the amazing people at Pinterest over the past year or so

1. Blonde. 2. Green. 3. 13. 4. Don't have one. 5. Sabrina Carpenter. 6. Dallas String Quartet (it's sorta a band..) 7. Don't have one 8. Singl (I'm too young to date). 9. Right now.."The Call" (Regina S.) 10. Where I am now :) 11. To be an actress/meet anyone of my favorite actor/actress.

I feel like I do these all the time but there so fun! Comment the number you want me to answer! (:

This will be very interesting! Since Pinterest is still in its infancy, I can't wait to compare these stats in the months to come.

Comment :) my wonderful followers thank you i love each and every one of you already - Mya

Omg!! I'm reading this at 4:30 and trying really hard not to laugh because my husband is asleep next to me.