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Thor texts Bruce Banner. For some reason, this pairing is so random that it makes it funnier...

Thor and Hulk texting. Thor figures out how to make a whale with an Iphone.

Thor does not understand popular music.

Thor texting Tony, although the contact name should say "Man of Iron" or "Metal Man" since it's Thor's phone haha! TONY AND THOR

Best voice actor O_O i lost it at raven

Best voice actor Tara Strong is amazing ! She is one of my favorite voice actors!

"Actually, you're both weirdos. Captain America was the cutest" and "Ridiculous pet superheroes" got me.

...crystallized maple syrup and universal health care... as a Canadian this is just really funny :P

America why couldn't Thor's hammer break captain Americas shield Canada maple syrup

Yes, as an American, watching part 2 of the Africa Special last night, this is what made me laugh the most.


Funny pictures about The funniest creatures on earth. Oh, and cool pics about The funniest creatures on earth. Also, The funniest creatures on earth.


Summer Time with the Avengers! I love that the internet has decided Loki is an Avenger. Doesn't matter that he's a villain, he's still an Avenger.

Loki is Shego! Lol Omg! That makes Hego Thor!!!! 0.0

Even Trump is offended by this

Loki is Shego! That makes Hego Thor! Love this comparison given that Disney now owns Marvel.

Texts from Thor is becoming a thing, and it's fantastic! Steve was also very funny here. Way to put him in his place, Steve.


This must be why most of the other Avengers texts are between Thor and Iron Man. Captain America doesn't like caps lock. or some other things too.

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Baby Groot←Peter looks so pround! And Rocket may feel like his toddler just learned to talk :) Baby Groot is so precious!