my dream

∞ lost in a book ∞

summer serenity

day dreaming

Would love to dance in the forest with no one around, feeling the dirt in between my toes and being one with nature. <3

How great is it to be alone in a beautiful place with a good book.

love this

A quiet place, a book

A girl in a blue dress reading a letter in a field #bookworm #booklover #books #reading #quiet #peace #blue #girl

a good read

= = =

Hey this is my room!!!! #bedtime #bedroom #globetrotter #worldmap #worldlover


Reading in the park

"Summer." I wasn't listening to my brother. I was reading my book, enjoying the feel of the pages against my finger while laying on the plush couch. PJ was even being nice, not disturbing me or pawing at my book. It was peaceful.