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Being without passion, behold the source! Being with passion, behold the flow! The two are one - born of the same root, Differently named when they appear. Both may be called mystery - Going from mystery to deeper mystery, Enter the secret of Life!

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Wire Tree Of Life Ancient Spirit sculpture with natural Calcites, original Art 16 wall hanging decor. via Etsy.

Throughout the history of Oriental Rugs cultural and religious beliefs influenced the artistic motifs used in rug design. Particular patterns, symbols and colors were chosen for their believed life-protecting and life-enhancing attributes.

The Persian rug is the soul of the room and tells a story.

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Tree of Life Mandala mandala art tree of life art spiritual art meditation art sacred geometry MADE TO ORDER op Etsy, €

Tree Of Life Artwork

Add some warmth to your home or office décor with this unique Tree of Life wall art from Thailand. Featuring an uneven wood background, this piece of artwork displays the meaningful symbol of the tree of life used in several religions and cultures.