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Renovation Idea: Make Your Own Built In Cutting Board — The Farm Chicks

In the past we've talked about how to clean a built-in cutting board, but we've never really discussed the process of installing one. They always seem like something that just happens to be in your kitchen when you move in, but these homeowners installed their own and the method in which they did so...
  • Brandi Stanley

    Kitchen Idea: Cutting board with hole in a pull-out, with trash can pull-out beneath it. Like the idea but the chopping board is small and can it be removed for cleaning?

  • Lee Ann Mayes

    Great kitchen idea. Cutting board drawer with a hole over the compost bin.

  • Krissy Sahler

    Kitchen ideas: pull-out cutting board above your pull-out garbage can. Great idea! would just put it above the pull-out compost bin instead!

  • Amanda Baldwin

    cutting board + kitchen drawer + compost bin What a great idea!

  • Erin Collins

    What a great kitchen idea! Built in way to dispose of scraps right from the cutting board itself. And a built in at that!

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