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    • The Watering Mouth

      I love this, from the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. If you're ever feeling down, remembering this will make you feel a little bit better :)

    • Nancy Haggerty

      motivational and inspirational quotes about life. This quote says the author is unknown however, I am quite sure it was Eleanor Roosevelt.

    • Taytum Tot

      This is one of the most inspiring quotes that I have ever read! It's so true to think about this because eventually you are going to be happy and no one can take that away from you. Its something my predictable in life, movies, and books- if it's not good and you're not happy, you know it's not the end

    • Billy Mure

      Indian proverb. Favorite quote from the English film set in India "Best, Exotic Marigold Hotel"

    • Allyson Hochron

      Everything will okay in the end. Be patient. They said this in the best exotic marigold hotel

    • Kristin Norton Britz

      Wise words from Dawson's Creek...seriously, remember this quote?

    • Betty Kujawa

      The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. it and so true

    • Jenni Falls

      Favorite Quote - From the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

    • Diana Cook


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    If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.



    Steve Jobs


    so true!

    Six letters, two words, easy to say, hard to explain, harder to do: Move On.


    Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind, don't matter and those who matter, don't mind. - Great graduation gift!

    Everything is going to be alright. Trust me!


    remember this

    Couldn't be more true right now!

    my motto

    Your journey has molded you for the greater good. It was exactly what it needed to be. Don´t think you´ve lost time. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is right on time. (Asha Tyson)

    Everything we go through in life is what chips away and polishes us until we are a brilliant diamond!

    This is what I am living with at the moment!!!! it is my love not theirs!!!!

    words of WISDOM

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