you only wear your wedding dress once so you might as well do something awesome in it

I don't think I have the skill to pull this off... but we could try to figure it out Set fire to your dress while wearing it | Community Post: 28 Ways To Trash Your Wedding Dress

haha... this is funny! For anyone who is EVER getting married - this site has AMAZING photo ideas!!

trash the dress underwater

Super cute wedding photo shoot for the hubby to open on the wedding day.

Well then.

Tiffany blue wedding <3

Awesome shot, if we were gonna wear cowboy boots!!! She said About damn time Engagement photo prop

trash the dress

Flower girl ring.

after "I do" oh my...this picture is amazing.

Have someone paint your wedding day so you can relive it every time you see it hanging

Variety of wedding dresses for a bride <3


12 Gorgeous Trash-the-Dress Photos | Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

I need this for when I get married, like YASAP.

Haha! Cute picture idea

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Wedding Wish Lanterns..TANGLED!