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  • Jessica Rouchard

    Group work: Oh so true...

  • Emma Burton

    Group Projects. So true, and you'd think after high school you'd be done with this, but no, college professors still think it's funny to make us do this.

  • Jordyn Farkas

    True story. I actually wrote a 10 page research paper in college on the negative effects of groupwork among elementary aged students. I could have used this funny pie chart as an opening during my presentation!

  • Jillian Vander Vinne

    Idk about that but it made me giggle

  • Loreto L

    I don't know why this is funny. group projects teach you to TRUST NO ONE

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THE LAST COMMENT THOUGH - I would have gotten up and pulled that teacher out of the room so I could have a nervous meltdown!

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Christine Williams Coleman so true with so many things, I swear you're a witch and used magic to make things appear when I couldn't find them for the life of me

I'm sorry, but this is hilarious!!!

I've never come across this in life, but that's probably how I would feel about it.

The dining commons. I swear if one more person stops right in front of me to talk to a friend...I shall kick them down and stomp over them to throw away my trash.

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