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    • Alexa Bright

      To every girl out there, remember this.

    • Sylvia McMillan

      Be Beautiful

    • Adriana Gomez

      Exactly what I wish every girl did. Stop believing the lies, and discover the truth. You are beautiful, and you were made in God's image. And when you believe you're beautiful, others will see it, too.

    • Diane Ball

      One day I decided that I was beautiful and so I carried out my life as if I was a beautiful girl.

    • Jennifer Salamon

      Self Confidence is beautiful.

    • April V

      to be a black woman means that you I must carry out my life as if I am beautiful, whether the rest of the world believes it or not.

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    You can never cross the ocean unless you have the COURAGE to lose sight of the shore.

    Paul Coelho. Smart man. My new thing is travel. I think the best way to spend your time is being with someone you are madly in love with & enjoying life. Some people would rather network & fill every single minute engaging with as many people as possible. I am about travel now, alone or eventually with someone who gets me. So, solo works for me.

    George Eliot Quote - You Were Not Made For Failure - Standard Size //Lettering ©Lisa Congdon. I'd like to print out this quote, stick it on a banner & march around with it. But I probably won't.

    Awesome, Beautifully said!!! Be uniquely YOU!!! There's no one like you & never will be!

    one day I will be able to do this... it may be in my next life.. but i'll happen.

    Anonymous asked me how they could become confident. It’s hard to say exactly, but this is how I guide myself in general. I’ve been put down, called every name imaginable, and I’ve been through extremes but I was able to bounce back and I’m still able to be reasonably confident today. Hopefully this helps some of you, too :)

    Use confidence to overcome criticism. If you think about it, most critics are "armchair critics"... people who never get out of their comfort zone to do anything (puts it all perspective doesn't it?!) Keep living and achieving!

    Confidence. I'm so proud of myself after everything that has happened!! Although things have changed A LOT(My career choice and even my heart) I feel like it is what put everything together! I can finally see all the pieces of the puzzle because I am confident that I'm good enough to deserve the best.

    there's nothing sexier than a woman who refuses to give a fuck.

    Words to live by via Bobbi Brown: shame this is the truth... BUT IT MOST DEFINITELY ITS!!!!!!! :-)