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smart girls are worth keeping by your side, and that's why I'm still by your side because you see that

And totally more attractive! A smile is way cuter than the clothes you were or the make-up you put on. :D

Sometimes I get really scared being alone on a ledge, but the idea that there's even the slightest possibility that I might've hurt Your (or Her) feelings makes me feel gutter awful.

im insecure, i have trust isues, i over think, because i dont want to get hurt, i dont want to be alone, just be a little patient and i'll open up

**She knew she was worth more than diamonds! (buy online www.bethquinndesi...)

But really! Let's keep this in mind. It's awful being bullied. I don't want any of you darlings to experience bulkying.

Hold up..... So..... Overthinkers are SMART. Thank you!! :) It's the ones who follow the status quo, never consider the deeper truths, but then cut-down those who do, that are STUPID!!!

Most men just don't get this . They seem to think if you are not talking to them everything is great, when the total opposite is true.