Oh so true

Stalking is all fun and games until you accidentally press the Like button. #Funny #Humor #Stalking #Facebook

Toot! Toot!

Funny Friendship Ecard: I just knew we'd be friends forever from the moment I discovered that you also have no filter for your bitchy and sarcastic thoughts.

so hard

They see me Rollin'......

Hahaha sorry but this made me laugh real hard

Can't stop laughing!!!


Dats me!

I am going to keep it classy tonight and get drunk but not fucked up. | Confession Ecard | someecards.com

Omg too funny

Lmao! I died


I'd rather be a cupcake than a freakin' carrot...

I laughed so hard when I saw this lol

Lol why is this so true:) or I just pin it to my secret board. 😳


@Sue Vern Tan, for you!

Asshole gossip