Creative Ways to Pop the Question - "Can't say I do without you" in a goodies box

how you met your bridesmaids

Will you be my bridesmaid gift box ideas

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"Will you be my bridesmaid?" - creative ways to pop question #2! | Cardstore Blog

Great idea! When we asked our wedding party to be a part of our day we used the message in a bottle idea and personalized each letter to let them know that they shared our lives with us and we wanted them to share in the next step in our loves

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Creative & Delightful Ideas on How to Ask Your Girls to be Your Bridesmaids

15 Ways To Propose To Your Bridesmaids. Some of these ideas are really cute!

9 Creative Ways to Say Will You Be My Bridesmaid? | This is a great way of asking your BFFs to be your bridesmaid. So sweet and thoughtful.

Not sure what size or kind of wedding youre planning, but this is so cute: Its the brides turn to pop the question to potential bridesmaids! You probably cant buy each girl a Tiffanys diamond, so why not send her the next best thinga ring pop! SOOOO CUTE!!

A funny 'will you be my bridesmaid?' card. | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas - 25 Creative Ways to ask Your Bridesmaids

creative ideas for asking bridesmaids | there are so many more neat ways to ask someone to be part of your ...

Fun Funny Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift Sign Note Maid of Honor Bridesmaid gift Wedding Sign Wedding Box Ask to be Bridesmaid on Etsy, $10.00

Will you be my Bridesmaid? This is so how I'm going to tell my closest friends that I'm getting married. Invite them all out and give them these gift boxes and when they unwrap them it'll say Will you be my bridesmaid?!

How you met your bridesmaids....cute idea!

How to ask your Bridesmaids! DIY Bridesmaid Boxes

Cute Bridesmaid Invitation Idea(: | Pinterest Most Wanted

Give your bridesmaids planner with all of the important wedding dates in them: when to order their dress, bridal shower, rehearsal, etc.

Popping the Question - A thoughtful card is a great way to ask your #bridesmaids to be in your #wedding.

hahaha I would totally take this picture