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  • Animales Exoticos

    El Lagarto autoclonable es uno de los pocos reptiles que tiene la habilidad de autoclonarse, sí, sí, como lo oyes ¡Clonarse! Por ello es un animal raro, aprende más sobre ellos en el artículo de nuestro blog.

  • Carol

    Leiolepis ngovantrii - Vietnam - species consists entirely of females and reproduce by parthenogenesis: a process where the female spontaneously ovulate and resulting eggs re-fuse, resulting in a healthy baby clone, genetically identical to the mother. Only 1 percent of all lizards species do this

  • Jen Steffenson

    self cloning lizard.... researchers say that there are only females of this new lizard species, found on the menu at restaurants in Vietnam. If true, this is a pretty neat discovery, though the article mentions that the genus the lizard belongs to has sexually dimorphic characteristics.... perhaps the males are so different, they just have not been linked together yet.