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    • Carol Meadows

      MONTEVERDE GOLDEN TOAD AN ENDANGERED SPECIES The Monteverde golden toad is more glamorous and mysterious than it seems an amphibian could be. Its glamour is nature-made but its mysterious decline probably is due to humans. Golden toads have never been widespread, but they used to be abundant in a handful of areas of cloud-shrouded tropical forest above the Costa Rican town of Monteverde. No one has seen a golden toad since 1989.

    • Desafio Monteverde Tours

      In 1988, the Monteverde Golden Toad was classified as extinct, and scientists attribute that to global warming. They believe that the temperature rose due to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation of tropical forests, and this developed the environment for the growth of a deadly fungus, causing the extinction of this species. #costarica |

    • David Slager

      Golden Toad The Golden toad, also referred to as the Monteverde toad or the Orange toad, was a true toad endemic to the cloud-covered tropical forests of Costa Rica. The beautiful amphibian disappeared from the Earth's ecosystem in 1989. The extinction of Golden toad is believed to be a part of the large scale decline of amphibian population owing to sudden climate change triggered by global warming. Among the other factors held responsible for the sudden extinction of the toad species, the prominent ones are fungal epidemic which swiped out the amphibian population and unusual warm dry climate, which led to early evaporation of pools even before the tadpoles matured.

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      Golden Toad (1989) - Recently Extinct Animals List - The Daily Green...The golden toad is not the only species to disappear in the past 40 years, but it might just be the brightest. This fluorescent amphibian was found in the high-altitude ridges of Costa Rica, but thanks to pollution, global warming and fungal skin infections, the species became extinct in 1989. Read more:

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