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The Posture-Fixing Sports Bra You Need To Own

Intelliskin Bras have been blamed and praised for almost everything from causing cancer (not true) to preventing cancer (exciting and true), to giving you bigger, sexier boobs (hey, we can try) to firming and perk-ifying your breasts while sleeping, and the reverse (apparently, it all depends): the not-so-humble

How to Fight Cancer with Food-Induced Apoptosis: Apoptosis is a natural process that occurs in the human body to maintain a balance between cell death and cell renewal. Cells that are abnormal, damaged or no longer needed are “killed off” and flushed from the system. Increasing your intake of these top 5 apoptosis enriched foods and other bioactive antioxidant-rich foods will boost healthy apoptosis naturally and lower your cancer risk…one bite at a time.

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90% of ladies adore the idea of having bigger breasts. And nearly all of them contemplate plastic surgery at least once during that thinking period. But, why don’t you just forget about plastic surgery and stick to these fully natural breast enlargement solutions. 6-Plants-That-Make-Breast-Grow 1.Sweet Root This plant is best in increasing your estrogen and prolactin level. That results in your breasts increasing in volume and becoming a lot more voluptuous. 2.PuerariaMirifica This one is…

Another Cancer Killer? Pueraria Mirifica, a Breast Cancer Fighter....... Pueraria Mirifica is a plant consumed extensively in Thailand for centuries, and although other factors must be considered, these women have TEN TIMES LESS breast cancer than the women in the USA, and though I can't confirm, it is said some local areas in Northern Thailand said to have no breast cancer at all.


Researchers say breast cancer screening requires a personalized approach

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy (no one look that dam happy getting one done) more like the worst breast feeding you ever had

Exposure to light at night, which shuts off nighttime production of the hormone melatonin, renders breast cancer completely resistant to tamoxifen, a widely used breast cancer drug, says a new study by Tulane University School of Medicine cancer researchers.

Specific Receptors for Specific Fruits and Vegetables | Most people need to not only eat more fruits & veggies, but a bigger variety of them ||

Breast Cancer has become a common disease in today's world. Since prevention is the best cure, here are seven habits that will help prevent breast cancer.