Acorn Carved with Dremmel Tool


Skull Doily so cool!!

Free Dremel Projects To Download - Wood Carving Patterns with Dremel - Carving Wood...

-place a prayer, just between you and your God, in your acorn box and wear it around your neck. Believe it can be answered...quote by ceeanne.


Carved Wood Clothespins

Perfectly fantastic witches boots. Halloween love! :) #Halloween #boots #costume #shoes #witch #goth #Victorian #steampunk

Day of the Dead Art by David Lozeau, Day of the Dead Strat, Dia de los Muertos Art - 1

DIY Halloween: DIY Cannibalistic Pumpkin Carving: DIY Halloween Decor

Pretty cool

How to Dry Acorns for Fall Crafts I like this but maybe not so many acorns, you have to share with the animals

Custom Flex Shaft Fixture - Craft this custom clamp to aid when carving your custom stones.

Gothic Skull Sconce Candle Holder

How to Make Acorn Pumpkins... we did this together, finding the acorns @ the park was half the fun. Super Cute!

Simple Pumpkin Carving

Wood carving patterns

Day of the Dead Artist David Lozeau

Never would have thought of doing this-(a pumpkin in womens patterned tights)-Neat way to do something different than always carving them!