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  • Anna R.

    Can't handle it. A puppy in footy pajamas. OH THE CUTENESS I have footy pjs for my dog so cute!!

  • Sydney Rennob

    This is so mean but so funny! | Dog in onesie

  • Emily Ray

    Every time I see this I can't contain myself. So cute. #animals #dog #pajamas #funny

  • Tower Story

    Baby dog! Dressed as a baby! Cute! #heart #puppy #baby #animal #pet #adorable #amazing #cuddle #hug #funny #smile #warm #child #kid #cat

  • Darci Hallmark

    Baby puppy! So cute!!!!

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I just found my own dog on Pintrest - and I didn't put him there!

Arrrrooooroooorooooo! I will greet you with the song of my people!

Too adorable... ♡... Re-pin by ~ affordable custom pet memorials for everyone.

Nowhere else he'd rather be, I love my dog and my dog loves me!

Sandy Nose - Boef's first time on the beach by Bernard Schep, Flickr | Golden Retriever pup.

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tell that joke about the long tailed cat and the rocking chair again .... i love that one!

My husband would be in heaven if this were his dog. Instead he has a Pug ; )