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Louise Brealey. She makes us all relate to Molly Hooper so well.

*sets book down* oh umm hi. Anyone wanna go to the library. I heard that there are new books.-Ally

this is MOLLY HOOPER (louise brealy) from sherlock. she might just be the most unexpectedly elegant and feminine girl ever

Louise Brealey on Twitter

louise brealey - Aztec Media Yahoo Search Results

Louise Brealey in rehearsals for THE TROJAN WOMEN (Photo © Iona Firouzabadi) by gatetheatre, via Flickr

The lovely Louise Brealey. Is it just me, or does it kind of look like she's opening the door to the TARDIS?

Louise Brealey in The Trojan Women. Fabulous article about body image and confidence. On Yellow Paper - What Molly Did Next

louise brealey - Aztec Media Yahoo Search Results

Crisp bag and Louise Brealey -- 'You Do Count ♥' SO ADORABLE! 8D