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  • Nancy Chisum

    Little Black Sambo is a childhood favorite. Some consider it not to be politically correct but I fail to see something wrong with a little Indian boy (he is from India) who wants pancakes and eats them with tiger butter!

  • laura m

    childhood book

  • Susan Dubya

    Childhood Favorite- I am sure this book is not even available anymore. Totally politically incorrect. Hey remember this was a diner back in the day.

  • Stevie

    still have mine... The most controversial Little Golden Book was Little Black Sambo. However, the word “sambo” is considered a racial slur in some countries and the book has been one of the most controversial books in existence. In 2004, Little Golden Books released a new version titled The Boy and the Tigers. The boy in it is called Little Ranjani. Today, a first edition regularly brings values of $150 or more.

  • Marla Muyskens

    Little Black Sambo. It was a perfectly fine children's book back in the 40's and 50's.

  • Dixie Live

    Childhood Favorite - I loved it when the tiger turned to butter from going around the tree,, unfortunately most kids today won't have the wonderful memories of this book... they destroyed it and took it out of everywhere because it was supposedly racist...

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