• Hilde Van den Abbeele

    The odd couple - There are so many different kinds of magic in these Woods - interspecies friendship fox and rabbit

  • Natasha Englehardt

    Forest friends, baby bunny & fox. So sweet.

  • Margie Spinney

    Forest friends. How wonderful I think the animals are beautiful . Unfortunately , I also think they are dead ; and that the picture is staged . First , the vegetation isn't right . Second , if you look at the bunny , it's eyes are open , and there is a large bare spot behind it's neck . Also , rabbits do not sleep in this pose . They sleep on their bellies , curled in towards each other . Margie Spinney

  • rolf neumann

    animal friendship: foxed rabbit

  • Cathy Demlow

    Red Fox and Bunny #foxes #bunnies #rabbits #animals #wildlife

  • Nick Tibbitts

    I wish people would stop re-pinnng this as two animals snuggling. Ladies and gentleman the rabbit is dead, it was probably eaten when the fox woke up. Only in Disney movies does the fox not aggressively hunt and eat rabbits!

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