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ahhahaha. I take this as both meanings: 1. When i want to do stuff online here, it's too slow and inconsistent. 2. When i want to do other things, I waste time on the internet. It's a paradox!

I love Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow<--There should be a Captain in there somewhere.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 90 Pics

Nothing like looking over and noticing you have 5 minutes till you're late and a heat attack to start the day.

Extreme Makeover // HA!!! It's so true... I always feel kinda bad for the kid 5 years down the road with the insane bedroom. But hey, I'd take it if it meant an awesome new house :)

haha I love this, especially since there is a bag of my favorite jelly beans hiding in the pantry, and zach accidentally saw them the other aday and a litttle piece of me died inside, lol

No matter how much you shop, after you wear a new outfit a few times your closet magically makes clothes old and not wearable...who in the fashion business put that idea in our heads? And why dont we just out naked. It wont cost anything and every man will notice you and every bitch will be hatin.

Every. Single. Time. Darn you Target.

Yep so far I've watch the entire season of the office, arrested development, cheers, that 70s show, Fraser, friends, mmmmm...oh...and starting wonder years.

hahaaha I always do this, like some God somewhere is going to come over the speakers and tell me where to go.. yes I know its called my GPS.. mine rarely ever takes me to where I need to be going.

...yup...I'd say that fits me... Except I need to add an "in class" section. That'd be like the left side, but with people around me doing the same thing.