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    This was where we did our research! Encyclopedias

    The day you realized reading is much better when you’re reading a Little Golden Book: | 50 Things You Will Never Be Able To Forget


    Southern Girls | I'm from the north and pictures up always being barefoot. Not just a southern thing

    We used to do this all the time growing up...sip the nectar from the honeysuckle plant :)

    who didn't have a chenille bedspread..

    S & H Green Stamps....

    Dodgeball. Can't tell you how many times one of these hit me in the glasses. :(

    We all had this set...

    Getting caught passing notes in class, having the teacher confiscate them, & praying she didn't read them out loud

    Breaking the wishbone :)

    Remember when cashiers had to figure out how much change to give back?

    Standing in the corner as a punishment. The nuns made us do this.

    training bra - I remember

    Archie Comics My favorite. Would draw the outline of the "pinup" and draw dresses on them!

    Spin Art

    tether ball

    we all had these.

    Petti Pants

    Please Stand By