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    Groundhog Day

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    Candlemas ~ Little candle burning bright You are such a pretty sight Show us all your shining light Little candle burning bright ~ Groundhog's Day activity: Shadow Tag

    cottage kitchen, curtains from Fat Quarters. oil cloth tablecloth

    Candlemas verse, probably where the whole Groundhog day prediction comes from:) ShannonVanDenBerg...

    Imbolc, the Feast of Saint Brigid, Candlemas, and Groundhog Day.

    Imbolc/Candlemas has morphed into the silly tradition of Groundhog Day, but has much deeper roots.

    February ~ Imbolc ~ Candlemas ~ Groundhog Day ~ Historical Information

    info re how Candlemas became "groundhog day" and how it fits into the flow of the year; ways to celebrate; old verse

    In My Home Deep below In my home Far below the gloom and gloam Cozy nest, lined with fur Little snoring, soft murmur Furry groundhog, curled up tight Sleeps thru both the day and night Frisky winds blow thru his house Further in fur he thrusts his snout! Calling comes the Candlasmas fairy Little groundhog come join our very Special journey, please come this way! And show yourself on Groundhog'd Day! more in comments martha johnson credit

    Imbolc Ritual (Candlemas, February 2nd)

    Candlemas is coming up. Know what that is? Hint: it occurs on February 2, Groundhog Day: landscaping.about...

    The Right and Wrong of Imbolc --- February 2 is a busy time of year on the calendar because it’s a celestially auspicious occasion. I know it as a “cross quarter holiday” meaning it’s a date in-between a solstice and an equinox. Various cultures would have known this thousands of years ago as well, which is why so many holidays are celebrated on that day. Like most holidays the origins of Imbolc, Candlemas, and Groundhog Day are shrouded in mystery, but there are a few things we can say with...

    Imbolc is soon (around Feb 2). It is the halfway point for the winter solstice and the spring equinox. St Brigid's feast and Groundhog's Day happen about the same time basically celebrating the same celestial event.