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Imbolc, the Feast of Saint Brigid, Candlemas, and Groundhog Day.

Imbolc/Candlemas has morphed into the silly tradition of Groundhog Day, but has much deeper roots.

In My Home Deep below In my home Far below the gloom and gloam Cozy nest, lined with fur Little snoring, soft murmur Furry groundhog, curled up tight Sleeps thru both the day and night Frisky winds blow thru his house Further in fur he thrusts his snout! Calling comes the Candlasmas fairy Little groundhog come join our very Special journey, please come this way! And show yourself on Groundhog'd Day! more in comments martha johnson credit

Imbolc is soon (around Feb 2). It is the halfway point for the winter solstice and the spring equinox. St Brigid's feast and Groundhog's Day happen about the same time basically celebrating the same celestial event.

Imbolc - Groundhog Day, also February 2nd, probably evolved from the lore that Brighid had a white snake that would emerge from hibernation on Imbolc to forecast the weather.