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  • April Coe

    90s toys | easy bake oven

  • Stevie Younker

    50 things we'll never get for Christmas again...i miss ALL of these toys!! :)the easy bake oven was my fav! :)

  • Debbie Ward

    Easy Bake oven, my step daughter asked for one and I was never so happy to get her one, oh childhood memories!

  • Karen Lema-Edwards

    Easy Bake Oven ~ my poor dad ate more cardboard-tasting "cakes" cooked by the heat of a lightbulb than he would care to remember!! LOL!

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easy bake ovens actually kind of sucked. i had one for years and i never used it because everything tasted fake and like shit, this is coming from a girl who likes fake nacho cheese and chef boyardee.

60's Easy-Bake Oven..mine was this color. Fantastic cakes baked by a light bulb!

"Easy Bake Oven"- My sister had one of these, but I think I used it more than she did. Loved the doughy pizza and the devils food cake!

Easy Bake Oven - except mine was yellow/brown? Typical 80's colors... and nothing ever baked right. Maybe because it relied on a light bulb to do the baking. : |

Easy bake invention ever, how did we not get sick? They need to bring this back :)

90s toy - water ring toss. You know you were an OCD kid if your real goal was to win the ring toss by sorting the colors!!! ;)

No joke- i truly think I owned the skirt in the middle of the lowest left picture. Yes, that would be the glitter one...

In an age before Mp3 players, HitClips were the hottest way to play portable music. They didn't even play entire songs, but we still loved them anyway.

The 30 Most Ridiculous Pictures Of The Backstreet Boys..... Oh my childhood