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Eden rose- also known as the pierre de ronsard---old french rose. // Great Gardens & Ideas //

Mme Plantier, Rosa alba-hybrid-I have this plant in my garden and it is amazing-1 bush produced over 1000 blooms-the downside is it only blooms once a year. Very Hardy!

Alba Hybrid Rose: Rosa 'Madame Plantier' AKA 'The Bride's Rose' (France, 1835)

"Little White Pet". Polyatha. Discovered by Peter Henderson (United States, 1879). Love this rose...little white flowers with dark pink buds

"Marie Pavie" polyantha. Alphonse Alegatiere (France, 1888). Darling little rose and smells great!

Baronne Prevost (Hybrid Perpetual)

"Gruss an Aachen" Hybrid Tea, Polyantha. Philipp Geduldig (Germany, 1909). This photo is actually from my garden on I love this changes color as the heat changes from May to Summer. smells wonderful!

"Huilito" Found Rose, China/Bengale. pre 1903. This one is new in my garden, hope it survives.

'Comtesse de Rocquigny' Rose ~ 1874

~Hybrid Perpetual Rose: Rosa 'Prince Camille de Rohan' AKA 'Souvenir d'Auguste Rivoire' (France, 1861)

Mountain Snow Rose... would look beautiful climbing up the side of the kids old playhouse, or my back fence near the barn.