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    Keeping clean water for chickens

    winter hen entertainment, chickens, hens, coop, animal enrichment. (I'm still nervous about chickens in winter...)

    sand vs. straw or shavings in the chicken coop

    Keeping snakes out of the chicken coop/duck house.

    Chicken Coop Cleaning only twice a year with no smell

    For if we ever have chickens- bucket nesting boxes, like this idea - easy to clean!

    How to Rid your Chicken Coop of Flies - ImaginAcres

    diy pvc chicken coop watering system going to do this with the next flock I get.

    Chicken coop

    Aquacorner Raised Bed Soaker Systems (drip irrigation plus raised bed corner in one)

    Chicken Heater & Water Warmer Combination -- you have to go to the end of the article to see how they did this but it's an interesting read about how they set up their coop

    Add Garlic to Chickens feed to boots immune systems, control mites, lice, ticks & other parasites.

    11 Uses for Vinegar Around the Coop #Chickens

    Surrounded by raised garden beds, this deluxe chicken coop has what it takes to keep chickens safe, healthy and laying fresh eggs: a minimum 4-by-8 foot screened-in run and a 4-by-4 foot critter-proof coop for up to three hens. | Photo: Matthew Benson |

    Cold weather chickens-8 things NOT to do in winter-My Pet Chicken blog

    Chicken coop green house

    Nest box herbs for the chicken coop

    13 lessons about building chicken coops

    Chicken Coop Disinfectant Recipe - orange peels steeped in vinegar for a month, then put in a spray bottle. My all-natural store-bought poultry protector smells like that, no wonder. Making my own would be much less expensive. It is sprayed inside the coop when I clean it to discourage mites, fleas, bugs, etc.

    Gardener's Wellies for backyards w/ chicken coops !

    Tips on building the perfect chicken coop. Plus DIY hanging chicken feeder ideas. I saw on another pin that in the south, they would always paint the ceiling of their porches blue because mosquitoes hate the color and wasps won't build nests there; maybe here, too?