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okay but these are all examples of characters who where pretty obviously going to be back. it is kind of weird they did all three at once, but hey let's say it's thematic.

I'm the kind of friend who would run to your house with pizza at 4am if you're sad but also forget to reply to your messages for 8 months.

It's funny how sometimes all we needed was a line from a song, a quote from a book or movie to realize how we really feel and all we needed was a smile from a friendly stranger, a good cup of tea, a walk in the rain, an old song to briefly put us back together before we fall apart all over again.

I love they all just kind of accept each of the other's quirks because they all (for the most part) know each other and have seen each other in action. And then here comes Bucky, who has been kept so apart from humanity for so long, and he just has no idea how to deal with these people. So he looks at Steve and he's like what? Because Steve is the only one he knows how to handle and trusts wholeheartedly. But he's trying, and this is why we love Bucky so much.

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Greatest of all time

Greatest of all time


'Finding Dory' Is Smashing Box Offices In Oceans All Around The World!

Finding Dory is the highest-grossing animated film debut! Probably due to how CUTE baby Dory is!!

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10 Cute Cat Pictures for Your Day

Owww so cute 😣 😮 😘 😘 😙 Photo via @cuteanimalplus Follow @cuteanimalplus for more amazing awesome and cute animal photos @cuteanimalplus #CuteAnimalShow

Oh. We're all smart in different kinds of ways. It's just that I'm rational and creative smart in a world of types than aren't very rational. I WAS caught off guard this morning in nursing school when asked about pushing an IV med. lol. I was trying to think of side effects and do math in my head and remember (something I suck at) how I'd pushed Lasix in clinicals. Totally spaZzzzed. Haha.

I saw this and thought "You don't have a date Katie" but then I realized it would be wonderfully fun do all of these things by myself like a weird lonely person

Totally agree. Recently I have had some really unnecessarily negative things said about me (one of them being called a narcissist- on a social media site). I can't control assumptions but I know who and what I am and I am not that. It's pretty sad when someone assumes you did something that you did not do and then tries to cause all kinds of spiraling issues by acting evil. For shame.

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What Kind Of Person Are You Actually?

Pirates Of The Caribbean

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best 20 motivational quotes on life

Be kind. — words of inspiration.

We both do ;) truth is wishes with all of that. Not my problem, your life sucks, and I'm a constant problem, you're the problem, he is the problem, your friends have said so. You want screenshots I've got plenty. Move along troll and go be with your gnome ;)