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Heinz Green & Purple Ketchup!! REMEMBER THIS!!!

Awesome Junk Food From The 90's


I still have the pitcher.

Did anybody drink these as a kid? Snapple Elements. Rain was my favorite!

Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Fun fact: these were first introduced in 1991.

3D Doritos

Spin pops. These were so weird because the button would almost always be located around the crotch area.

Kraft Handi Snacks Display

I used to always take the coupons outta these!

90's. Omg how did I ever forget about these!?

Burger King used to be so bad ass! They even had cheese fries for a while where you put the powder in the fries and shook them up. Good times..


yep- classics. taking it back to the old skool

I miss when altoids were like this, not now how they're tiny packed mints of fury!

Remember when strawberries came in these?

Yeah, this was not a good idea at all...

Welch's jelly - you bought it mostly for the jars, not the jelly


Is this really retro? Wasn't this stuff on the market like a few years ago? Maybe I'm getting old. :(

:) Loved this stuff

Garbage candy!


Christmas Crunch ©2004 The Quaker Oats Company

Oatmeal Swirlers