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12 Insurance tips to protect your equipment and your business. I cannot say it enough.. Insure your equipment!!! #FloridaBusinessInsurance

10 Sites That Will Pay You For Stock Photography

Do you take pretty good pictures? If so, would you love to be able to get paid -- or even earn a full-time income -- from selling them? This post has a list of ten very reputable websites that may accept and pay cash for your high-quality photos, plus some super inexpensive resources to help you get better at photography if you're not sure your skills are up to par.

There are about a million and one tutorials out there now in the web-o-sphere on capturing better photographs with DSLR cameras. And they’re absolutely wonderful. Today, with Britsnap, we wanted to focus on the element of composition and style, and the simple methods we can use to capture better photographs of our children.

Silhouette Photo Tutorial: 7 Tips for Success

Best tips for how to get a perfect silhouette photo using a phone camera!! And there's a video showing exactly how to do it!