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getting a tattoo similar to this when im 18, its gonna be smaller, and with the words "tills vi möts igen" written under ; meaning until we meet again in swedish. the tree will be bare, except for one leaf. that leaf will be symbolizing my aunt who died this past summer. RIP Aunty Maryanne

David Hale, I will have be tattooed by you if it's the last thing I do

I like this placement. And the Celtic Tree of Life is definately what I would get. if I get one. Still undecided.

This is my first one and I got it about a month ago. I’ve always been really inspired by the Tree of Life so I found a design I liked and my dad (who is an artist) did the knot work and tweaked in some. It took almost 6 hours, but it’s amazing to know that I’ll have some of my Dad’s art on me forever. Tattoo Artist was this awesome woman named Crow who is here in Cincinnati. ♥ Allyson

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tree tattoo behind the neck with a heart hidden inside #tree

tree of life - symbol of hope

Tree of life by iris-flower

Tree of Life by Enkel Dika Do you have the heart to work on ALL aspects that support your life, ...even the most repetitive and menial without pushing against them with your resistance. Dedicate ALL of your self, all actions and efforts to the higest outcome for all involved. Let Source Energy support you at all times. Offer love, light, and happiness and see your heart light overflow. CJS

I want my next tattoo to be a tree. I love this one, except I would like to have some color in the leaves. Fall colors perhaps...

Joy of Life - this is a tattoo I've been considering for a while, different placement, but I like the style it's written in here...I just really like the concept and feel like it's something that I embody, or maybe it embodies me?