bangalow is aboriginal for "water carrying basket" from palm

Oak split "hen" basket

Love this basket

House type sewing basket

A shower mat that feels good on your feet and lives off the excess water from your shower. Talk about recycling! #green #ecofriendly

Laura J Weber basket titled "...and 5,6,7,8." Reed, waxed polyester, driftwood

Women carry baskets to market in Rwanda. The number you can carry depends on a good ability to balance!

Tasmanian aboriginal basket

Antique bonsai basket

Picnic Time 'Gondola' Wicker Picnic Basket available at #Nordstrom

Basket paniers complete with handles from Morocco. Where can I buy these?


Beautiful old basket for carrying a curling stone

Nyanza Queen Basket - Rwanda

Aboriginal basket weaving

Beauty...Pandanus leaf

Acorn Ornament and Treasure Box Basket Pine Needle Basket

Basket by Mavis Ngallametta

Love baskets! ! !

// Beklina African Eyelash Fringe Basket Bin

Made of paper