bangalow is aboriginal for "water carrying basket" from palm

Oak split "hen" basket


collection "pink" ... pebbles by Sabine Ostermann, hand painted with permanent water color

House type sewing basket

A shower mat that feels good on your feet and lives off the excess water from your shower. Talk about recycling! #green #ecofriendly

Laura J Weber basket titled "...and 5,6,7,8." Reed, waxed polyester, driftwood

Levtex Short Straw Basket | Nordstrom

What is this? A super cute zippered pouch that’s SUPER functional too? Pure genius. The Better Together Daily Pouch has multiple pockets inside & out for your iPad mini, gadgets, planner supplies, stickers, writing tools, and so much more! It will hold all your essentials together in one place at school, work, or through your travels. The stylish patterns and strap are just a bonus! It couldn’t get any more practical and convenient than this. Check it out at!

hand pounded black ash basket

Palm frond basket

Great website for all kinds of baskets, containers, ribbon, DIY and entertaining! Good prices too!

Basket made by Carrie Bethel | Yosemite-Mono Lake Paiute basketmaker.

tasmanian aboriginal basket

Colleen Mundy || Tasmanian Aboriginal traditional twined basket, White Iris (437×383)

Palm Wreath

Victorian Wicker Sewing Basket

"My life changed the day I saw a fine black ash basket at an art show... My heart raced, my mouth dried and the world receded. There was only the basket." Sharon Dugan from her website

Basket Home

Beaded basket from Bali.