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    Contouring makeup tutorial from Lauren Conrad

  • Lea Sandjaja

    makeup contouring tutorial #makeup #tutorial #howto

  • PARFUMgeflüster

    Contouring muss nicht immer gleich übertrieben sein und geht auch schnell. Lauren Conrad zeigt wie und es sieht schön natürlich aus. #contouring #parfumgefluester #makeup #howto #gewusstwie #beauty #inspiration #laurenconrad

  • Isa Meyer

    Face contouring tutorial.

  • Debbie Adams Alsup

    makeup BEAUTY BASIC post designed by lauren conrad It always surprises me that for most women, contouring is often a skipped step. When you apply foundation to your entire face, you’re creating a blank canvas, making it critical to go back and add the dimensions back in. Technically, contouring is about shadows and light; if you’ve ever taken an art class you’ll remember that you use darker shading to push an area inward and lighter shading to pull an area outward. This is great for creating the appearance that you have a stronger jawline, more defined cheek bones, and a slimmer face. TOOLS: Foundation Sponge or Foundation Brush Bronzing Powder or Cream Bronzer Flat-headed Bronzing Brush   1.     Apply foundation all over face and neck with a sponge, foundation brush or fingers. 2.     Look in the mirror and suck in your cheeks.  This will instantly show you exactly where your cheekbones are.  Sweep bronzing powder/cream bronzer with a flat-headed bronzer brush just slightly under cheekbones from the hollows to your ear. 3.     Sweep bronzer in circular motions directly on temples. 4.     Contour along the hairline. 5.     Contour directly underneath your jawline. 6.     Blend edges with a sponge.

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