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    although i'm not from texas, i have road tripped with one of my friends from texas to california and the longest part for sure was getting out of texas. ahah Such a fun road trip!

    hey rick perry, wake up. women don't like you taking away healthcare for over 150,000 women who NEED IT MOST. we also don't appreciate being raped by the government after getting raped by a man. transvaginal ultrasounds? no thanks. i'm a human being and i know how to take care of myself WITHOUT YOUR POLITICAL GAMES.

    I come from one of those "Remarkable Texas Women".

    God is Good. God is Great, Thank You Lord for the LONE STAR STATE.

    I've only been to Texas once, but politically my heart belongs there. Sure, accuse me of clinging to my gun and my Bible. That is a compliment!

    Unless you're from Texas, state-shaped crafts are completely pointless, and frankly, just look dumb. | Somewhat Topical Ecard |

    Excluding my boss, who goes running during our lunch hour when it's blazing outside, and claims to love it..

    ...guess where im working this summer... all summer... in a cabin.. why yes, that burned spot on the map...

    Texas. Eh, it's pretty much how we feel about it. I agree Katie hillcountrycook... Texas Proud ♥

    this is so I found out when we were in DR, people asked me and I of course said Texas! ...If you go to a foreign country and people ask you where you're from and you're from Texas, that's what you tell them. If you're from any other state, you tell them "The US."