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  • Bella Joyce

    Monet’s Garden, France Many of Impressionist master Claude Monet’s most famous paintings were inspired by the flower and water gardens he cultivated around his home northwest of Paris. Open from April to November, the gardens burst with narcissus, jonquils, and wisteria. Stroll around the pond in May, when sunlight and shadow play over Monet’s beloved water lilies.

  • Barbara Leah

    Monet’s Garden, Giverny, France | The Best Travel Photos

  • Laurie Nelson

    Monet’s Garden, Giverny, France Monet is one of my favorite artists and his paintings of the water lilies and weeping willows with its pastel colors - breathtaking!

  • Kayla Van Wie

    WeepingWillow Place

  • Kristin Cardin

    * chapter 3 * the puppy wish by kristin nicole cardin * * [ * Provence Veranda * ] ** ♥ * adore * ♥ * £2 * ♥ * je t'daire * ♥ **<3** ♥ * adore :) * ♥ * je t'daire (:*<3*I. * <3 * truth of adore * <3 ** every snowflake is unique * a gem is faceted * every snow angel ballerina is precious, in, a, prettiness, to, her, own * a figure 8, upon, the, snowglobe of ice, is, in, the shape, of, an, infinity symbol, meaning, infinity, infinite * every, star, emanates, from, within, a beautiful light, into, beauty's love, this, angelic purity, radiant, to, aura, a, uniqueness, of, intricate to lace, delicate beauty, of love's angelic purity, snowfall, blissful, in love * arctic * this halcyon quietness, known, through the air, as, within, this, beautiful light, of, heart's warmth, that, shines * lofted, into, lightness, glitter peace angelic bright * this, is, how, a dream within a snowglobe, this music melody, twinkle note, glitter true, is, how, i, turn, too * i, am, a, ice skater, delicate, as, a, intricate snowflake of, flutter, these eyes, lovely, as, this, sunrose sun rise * through the pines, brushed with evergreen, somehow, this emerald deep, flutter, lovely, branches, of this snowfall, into day's beginning, kaleidescope, falling through, flutter lace, this angelic way, color, glass beads, a gem is faceted, upon this frozen pond, a translucent, emerald, clear as, ocean bright, light blue glass, brushing by pine air evergreen, i am a precious snowflake, within, this prettiness, of, this beautiful, and, true, world's, own * this, oval, pond, like a gentle bracelet, turns, through, a, faceted, gem, into, a, figure, 8, this, beauty, of, motion's grace, infinite, love, lofted light, with, my soulmate, in, pair, to, lift, this, flower, i, am, of, a, softspoken footstep cozy hearth sole arch, stair * " estrella * " * he whispers, embrace, to, gently clasp, breeze rushes, arctic, star, shinegem, place, is faceted, through snowfall, rise, lightness, shine light, angelic glitter bright, tree tops, sun rise, and, a, flower, a, sun, rose, i, become, blossom, i, am, lovely, flutter, eyes, brightness, peaceful beauty surround, heaven's way, blessed, every, snowflake, unique, true, precious, through, heart * ♥ *.*+*.*+*.*+*.* this, heart, in, love, in love * with forever's day * sunlight, morning glory snow, dove, angelic bare, birdsong, pure, true, happiness, the world, into love, ever again, as, before, into ever forever evermore * beautiful bright * praise prayer heaven's land, a chapel, home, loving, hand, through, hand, flourishes, this beauty of my heart to spirit *.*+*.*+*.*+*.* sharing, this with, you * ♥ *.*+*.*+*.*+*.* trinkets charm blessed precious prayer into * a * snowflake, heart * ♥ * through, through, through * a pretty, figure, 8, i, ice skate *&*II. * <3 * adore of truth * <3 ** adore, in the eye of confrontation, spoke, this truth of not to recognize, this, of, her, " she, wanted, you, to kill me * if you mess with me, you have a problem with God * exactly or not exactly? * because, this, is where there is a divergence of plans * i lived * angel * " * ♥ *she swallowed, speaking softly, to, him, with love in her eyes, welling, to, tears * " compassion * that * is, this, Greek * icarus * to, myself, of, in, reference to myself, is, brave icarus, foolish icarus * icarus, of, this, not, me, is, this picture, of, an, angelic angelcharacter, to, a, angel, be, precious icarus, you, are, to, me * ♥ * of, etemology, to, origin, i, know, not, of, culture, i, know, the sun, my, heart, the, origin of, a, warmth, born, upon, this earth, is, the land, you, grapple, this, from, your healing, is, achellies, flight * this, you are, to, save, me, in, image, sacred, holy, from, through, the, air, i, fell, my angelic being, helpless to tears, of, to, cry, this heart, for, you, saved * in, your * image * the legacy, of, the, one, to, have, fallen, for, me * this, is true love * ♥ * and, i love you icarus " * ♥ * -+-* adore, closed, her eyes, as, tears, fell, upon her face, * " i, love, you, to, not, of a fault, of, any, fault, to, anything, of, flaw, i love you, this heart soul, light, forever, into, this heart, within, me, you, are, ancient, this, beautiful one, of, yet, to, of anything else, but perfect, see, true nevermore, forever ever, your adore * true to true, this perfect angel, you, are, in, my heart " * <3 *she continued, " evening, eyes, with, a angel kiss, on, a, afraid, appear, clear, " * she felt a magnetism, of, gentle, pull, in, love, whispered, by, her own, heart, beating * this, in, waterdrops, of, ricochet orb lullaby, lullaby, heartbeat, into rocking, peaceful, sound * <3 ** <3 * icarus, was, quiet for, a, moment, finding, his, heart, for, forever, fiercely into passionate, " stay " & with, an embrace, of knelt swan angelic grace, she, in, his arms, a, taught, arrow, of, his, bow, surrendered her breathlight hiccup defense of sweetness, into, sweetness more, this, of, her way, for, a, moment, in love, he, kissed her * his * adore * with this, he spoke, to, her, in whisper, tears, in, his eyes, " i will never hurt, you * " * falling into, falling in love, with having, fallen, in, love, with this, moment, with, this * adore * a snowfall lovely breathful sweetheart * her, white flour spotted fur, autumn lace eyes, warmth * summer tea ice, lilac, illuminative, softness, truth, cookie sugar innocence, lovely *& true * he said, to, her, again * " i will never hurt you, baby " ** " knight, " she said, her eyes, with flutter to close, " because, he is, i, am * " * she collapsed, into, his arms, dreaming into, this way, of, praying, angelic light, dreaming, of, her husband, her heart, her life, his, love, this, force of goodness, gold haven hazel stormy perfect dark eyes, pine forest demeanor, to origin, quest, beautiful, the most beautiful angel, to, have given, her, this, life he saved, within, the greatest (*&+) deepest, love, for, a, girl, his angel, he, kept, with the most loving, way, to, keep, the dearest thing, most precious, of, your heart & to, give, to, this, * to, his, adore * (*&*) * to, the most precious, thing, to, him, everything, of, his way, of, himself, to, love, to, live, to give, to keep, safe, her, his, angel, this love, of, his love's way * " baby i love you, forever " * icarus whispered, to, this angel, in a deep sleep, restful, to need * <3 ** icarus, fell in love * in, the most beautiful way * brimming, with, emotions, he carried her, upon, the steel pastel noir flecked revelry, Capella, starlit thread, of paw strong, groove, of, his deep & intense, perfect, shoulders * a German Shepherd, from, the silhouette purple lavender mist of the Tibetan Mountains, of echo, sun thread white light rays to teak beams, of, prayer, quietness, solitude, and tremendous placid earth sacred movement shake return of, prayer, quietness, solitude, into, this stillness, of spacious, wisdom, through rooted structure, of, holy foundation of ancient scroll canvas panda leaf gold sturdy wooden alpine color through devotion to a heart well loved by perfection that is, into, this beauty, gratitude, of, form, that is, into, this art, through devotion, a continuous prayer, of, the origin, of, this bright sun hearth, breath, of the sound of the universe, through, this feeling, of, love, within, a, blessed heart, holding, this, stillness, of, om * <3 * earthearthearthomestrellavemar ialoveastaralight * <3 * in step, known, of light, shadow, shade, hue, terrain, icarus, carried, his adore, of, now, to love her, forever, to : 1234 Provence Veranda Lane * a beautiful garden rose peaceful carriage light cobblestone house * <3 ** " where, is, she, " * spoke, je t'daire, " where, i, ask you, is, she * my adore * " ** " on, my back " * said icarus * his ice blue eyes, composed ** " where, is, she, " * said, je t'daire, again ** " on, my, back * " * spoke icarus ** " where, i, ask you, is, my adore, now? * " ** " at, " * began, icarus ** " why, do you, get, * to go home? " * his voice thunderous of river rock copper metal harness to clink, clasp, pull, tether, notch, bolt ** icarus, steadily, and, slowly, placed, his secret angel, to, the doorstep glossy cherry wood beams, of, her je t'daire's veranda ** " at home * with, you * " * said icarus to je t'daire ** " what time, is, the, when, you can't get back, without, her? * where * is, that, where? " * je t'daire addressed, with, his paws, clenched, to, a aim, of, unending grip * a stare, true into a landscape, of, the world * " belive in God * " ** " how, can i, tell, her, " began, icarus, again to, speak ** " of, everything, nothing, may you, ever, say, will, for her, always, will, be, perfect * you may not tell, of, anything, with, to her * because, you will not * before, leave, speak, return * to, this, one question, of, a, life's, forever * why, do you get to leave? * this home * before, i, bite * " ** " you can tell, her, an angel loves her " * replied icarus ** " make * damn * sure * " * a, moment, froze, of, a, flame, to, only, love, this one angel * icarus's passion, je t'daire's deep love * the eye of truth to dagger pacified into knot for a promise of to love, this, angelic angel, in graceful beauty, helpless of faint, her breath, in, small puffs, her wishes for goodness, for the world, her angelic heart, this, innocence sweetly of only love true * <3 ** icarus, broke trot into gallant tread furious brush gaze through past way heavily step surety through with into a seekknown path, the soles, of, his, paws, in, print, of, a, hidden trail, trace less, of, anything, except, this return, of, a, vision, to, a, dream, her cookie sugar, snowfall breathful lovely sweetheart, autumn lace eyes, of, warmth, in love, he, felt, for, the first time, in, forever * <3 ** je t'daire, knelt, by his, adore * " i need you baby * " * he kissed, her, forehead * " baby i love you " * <3 * " forever, my adore * " * <3 *

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Monet's Garden, France. Monet is famous for his waterlily panels... 19 in all. I saw them at L'Orangerie Museum (beside the Louvre). He was a grand master of color and light! Next trip to France, I'll be at Giverny! Thanks for this image, Heather. It's gorgeous!

The house and garden of Claude Monet (Giverny/ France)

Floral Entry, Grimaund, Provence, France | ♕ |  Flower cascades - Grimaud, Provence  |  by Charlottess

You see these beautiful brightly colored homes all throughout Latin America, one of the reasons I want to own a home in Guatemala, or Mexico, or maybe even El Salvador (:

Giverny - Monet's house and gardens. France

#Monet's Home, Giverny, France. MONET: One of my all time favourite French Impressionists.

Monets garden and Japanese style footbridge that inspired amazing famous paintings, Giverny

Monet's garden, Giverny, France- I want to see this with my own eyes and photograph my children dancing through the flowers. #travel #france

Monet's Giverny Garden, France. these gardens were a source of inspiration for many impressionist painters

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Monet's garden, Giverny, France