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    this is so true. i just keep making the faces until they notice. sometimes people think im doing it to THEM and im like no not you i dont even know you! >..>

    "Perhaps Voldemort's face is flat because he ran into the wrong wall at the train station." HAHAH

    And that describes me perfectly

    Doesn't every girl?

    Yes!!! Everybody thinks I'm so quiet..

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    Long leg problems... This is my life.

    tennager post? Hell i am 28, and this is why i don't sleep sometimes.!

    This is why I never wear rings!! Seriously it happens to me all the time.......1,000+ repins?? That's the highest number I've ever gotten! Thank you guys so much!!!

    Makes me feel better that this is not just me. Doesn't stop when you're a teenager either, but it was more vivid back then.

    i always have bad ones, a barn, leaves, bats, thanksgiving related things, it makes me mad silly calendar makers why cant November be a sunny sky with a waterfall?


    Teenager Posts

    Yes!! And then you have to redo practically all of the problems to make sure you did all of them freaks you out!

    Why do so many of these say teenager post? That is nonsense

    Teenager Posts Of The Week: So, What Music Are You Into?

    Yeah everytime

    Totally what is happening to me


    Teenager Posts

    I hate that this is called a Teenager Post. I'm 27 and this happens. Weird shit ain't just for the young, my friends.

    Thats me!