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  • Phyllis Hyder

    Whitewashing for inside chicken house. "Classic lime whitewash disinfects, repels insects, and preserves by sealing surfaces and wicking up water. It dries to an opaque white that beautifully reflects light to brighten up dim spaces." #chicken #coop #homestead

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Whitewashed the meat bird half of the Chickenhouse today, using the traditional purist blend of nothing but hydrated lime and water. The lime is a very fine powder that comes in bags. Mixing was easy. A power drill mixing attachment churned it to a thickness a bit lighter than regular paint, and then on it went with big brushes. Simple, effective, inexpensive. and approach that's time tested but has been complicated in recent decades by high tech paints etc.

Mixing whitewash to paint the inside of the chicken coop. #chickens

Whitewash: 6-8 cups hydrated lime* (mason's) 2 cups salt 1 gallon of water - [use watered down latex paint to get a similar look for furniture.]

Liming Whitewash - it works as paint, primer, antiseptic and dehumidifier all in one.

Mixing lime and water to make breathable whitewash for stone basement walls.

Whitewashing the chicken coop with can even tint the wash to add color! This has a natural resistance to mites, mold and mildew in the coop and keeps the chickens happier and healthier.

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Mint on top of the run. As it grows the ducks and chickens can eat from it. The scent helps repel insects and rodents.

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