2D Shapes I Know- (song for kids)

Collection of free You-Tube videos that teach shapes with graphics and music. There are brief descriptions below each video on this post - pick and choose your favorite style or watch them all. Great for preschoolers and kindergarteners and special need learners who need extra visual support.

A song for children about 2D shapes. Learn the properties of 2D shapes with this fun song. 2D shape pictures are from http://www.classroomfreebiestoo.com/

Living and Non-living things video for kids

OMG love this guy!! he's got some great ideas!!! He is so funny! (3d shape song)

Fiction vs. Non-Fiction! (a song for kids about fiction & non-fiction) - YouTube

Shape Monsters

3D Shapes Videos and Songs

3-D Shape Poem

3D Shapes I Know (solid shapes song- including sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, and pyramid) - Free video.

Pronouns | PBS KIDS. Really cute video to reinforce he,she,it, me, you, and they! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfGEJJ9g1tI

Hip Hop Around The Clock by HarryKindergarten (telling time)

Here's another song/rap from HarryKindergarten, this one on 3D shapes!

2D shapes

Adding and Subtracting Song- (Add means put together... Subtract means take away!)

Making 2D shapes with yarn, string or elastic. The kids use their fingers to create the corners. I've done this with a math class with huge success!

3D Shapes I Know (song for kids)

Counting Back from Twenty Video- My students LOVED this. They count back from 20 and get to dance in between. :)

tens and ones army style. this teacher is hilarious, btw

A site that has EVERY 3D shape imaginable as a PDF so your kids can print, cut, fold and glue! Even lists the number of faces, edges, and vertices

Greater than/less than song.