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heart drawing 2

How to Draw an Impossible Heart

red work valentines. This would be awesome to use as chocolate patterns for cupcake embelishments!

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Sara Lou Tattoo in Los Angeles did a great job capturing this delicate botanical illustration of the California poppy. Source: Instagram user saraloutattoo

tattoo...,love the 3/4 length, the black band that cuts it off.

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Επιθήματα και κεντήματα Vanessa Ouache - Fair Masters - χειροποίητα, χειροποίητα

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#ink #tattoo

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Pretty Cherry Blossom Tattoo

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David Hale #rabbit #tattoo

This small for "still I rise" and same placement

Tattoos on upper back; Still I learn, still I know, still I rise; truth, wisdom, and strength

A tribute to Maya Angelou from her poem "Still I Rise" sprayed by Palestinians on Israel's Apartheid Wall... Awesomeness right there! "You may write me down in history with your bitter, twisted lies. You may tread me in the very dirt, but still, like dust, I'll rise."

Got a new tattoo yesterday. Maya Angelou's Still I Rise.

Still I Rise

"& still i rise"

Maya Angelou (the quote from her poem "And Still I RIse")