Top Ten Paper Clutter Tamers

Feel overwhelmed by all the paper in your home? Use my simple step-by-step process to quickly corral all that paper clutter now! -- from

This is a precise guide to decluttering your home, keeping it clutter free and being able to enjoy the benefits of a minimalistic life. You will be able to: • Reduce your levels of stress • Build a balance in your life that helps increase your happiness • Save money • Make free time that can be used for relaxation • Create inner peace

Don't hit a de-cluttering roadblock! When organizing your home, remember to ask yourself these 6 things.

Organization does not have to be difficult, nor does it have to be expensive. There are so many neat ways that you can repurpose things that you find at your local Dollar Store. From organizing the kitchen and bathroom to taking care of laundry clutter, there are many things that...

"Shred, Scan, or Store?" Unclutterer's latest infographic for Women and Co.

How to Organize Paper Clutter

need to organize these papers.

31 Days to Less Clutter and More Peace: Everything in its Place | Overstuffed

Is your home is a jumble of too much stuff and less free space than you want or need? It’s a fact that chaos causes stress, and living simple is the way to go. If you want to win your home back, check out some great tips that eBay is sharing to help you purge and organize, and get control of your living space!

Paper seems to be most people’s biggest organizational struggle and it’s with good reason. If it isn’t dealt with daily or weekly, it can get out of hand in a hurry. I’ve covered a lot of ground in the paper department in the past, so I thought a little round-up of sorts would be a... (read more...)

Get Organized: Paper Clutter Solutions (bill paying)

How to organize a home command center. This completely cleaned up the paper clutter at my house!

organize my life? yes please.

Monthly organizing checklists

Great ideas for keeping paper piles out of site

Organize your paper clutter in 7 steps

Excellent post on how to find a home for all of your paper clutter!!

How to Store Important Documents and How Long to Keep Them |

Taming the Paper Trail of Clutter (or How to Effectively Use an Inbox) --- This system is awesome. Now I know what to do with all this mail, paper, receipts, kids artwork, etc., that finds its way into my home!

Organizing Paper Clutter! Good stuff!