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    sushi roll kitty cat

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    Very Funny Cats | very funny cat pictures, images of cats, funnycats, baby cats pictures ...

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    burrito! animals cats

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... My cat Pickles that is also a tuxedo cat and looks exactly like this does the exact same thing =)

This is how you praise Him. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!! come on lift up those paws and praise the Lord!!!

Chiffon by Benoit Courti, via Flickr Chiffon ..

This may be my crazy cat lady coming out-but i would hang this up in my house.

my little massimo -hey Dani Rohs ! Another Massimo kitty!

I know it's not a dog but it's cutter than hell!!!!!!!

Here's a yoga tip: enhance the well-being derived from Legs-up-the-Wall by topping it with a little kitty! :)

Chris Illman....I'm going to sneak up on that mouse!

Gorgeous silver tabby cat ~ Oh my he know's it too. ♥

God please hear my prayer. God please forgive me for my sins and bless the sick and give hope to the people that are going through tough times in their life. Amen

Cat Fact: Cats have scent glands along their tail, their forehead, lips, chin, and the underside of their front paws.

Kitty: Would you like to play a game? Me: Sure what is it called? Kitty: It's called I'm cute scratch my belly.