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    • Elizabeth Roney

      Boy in front of me in chemistry. Girl two desks to the right in English. The former has a sonic screwdriver pen. The latter, a tardis pencil case. I had two fifty-minute conversations with total strangers.

    • Abby Stewart

      Only so true. It's like, "hello, new best friend!"

    • Joyce Williams

      Sigh, still waiting on this to happen. Apparently the Doctor is not all that popular in Texas. Who knew?

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    Billie sure smiled a lot and that's why I knew she truly loved him 'cause I'd be non-stop smiling at this man.

    No really, this would be fantastic. Brilliant. Totally full of wonderfuls. Yes, wonderfuls.

    "He saves planets, rescues civilizations, defeats terrible creatures. And runs a lot. Seriously, there's an outrageous amount of running involved," -Donna

    Doctor Who Ninth Doctor Bookmark with Parting of Ways Quote. $4.00, via Etsy.

    for some reason this just cracks me up, and I can totally hear Tennant say this in his Scottish accent.

    MY DAD DOES THIS ALL THE TIME. fingers on lips if the finger is moving you're talking so stop. Shh. Keep the finger on

    I have a Tardis on a cloud. I like to go there in my sleep. Aren't any apples for me to eat. Not in my Tardis on a cloud. There is a lady all in blue. Holds me and says I'm the Tardis blue. She's nice to see and real to touch and she says My Doctor, I love you very much...

    Through the wonders of 3D printing technology, biscuit / cookie cutters by WarpZone, in a variety of classic Doctor Who shapes: the TARDIS, Dalek, K9, a Weeping Angel, Cyberman, a blobby little Adipose, and others. Great level of details comes through in the biscuit. You’ll be able to easily exterminate the Dalek in your stomach acids, but be wary of blinking while baking the Weeping Angels. $6 - 7 ea. OH. MY. WORD.

    I love art nouveau, I love Dr. Who. This poster is an easy score with me!

    Fairyland looks completely different! #DoctorWho