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  • Leah Metzger

    I'm so glad I have this man in my life!

  • Southern Charm

    I love my husband! Married to a man who truly loves me, flaws and all! He is my past dreams come true, he is my future! I love how we both love spending time together and looking forward to growing old together and sharing everything! We hate being apart for even a night when he or I has to travel for our jobs. We married because we were sure we could not enjoy life without one another. That is my happiness...being confident in my marriage and loving a man who shows me everyday how he loves me.

  • Jenny Bangert

    ♥ so lucky my boyfriend looks at me like im the most wonderful thing that could ever have come into his life.... He is the best thing in mine :)

  • Becca Gill

    "I want someone who knows that I am not perfect yet he stares at me like I am the most perfect woman he has ever seen." - my dream come true :)

  • Olga Kim

    bestlovequotes: He stares at me like I am the most perfect woman | Courtesy FOLLOW BEST LOVE QUOTES ON TUMBLR FOR MORE LOVE QUOTES

  • Michelle Lucas

    Cant wait for this! :)

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This describes me so perfectly. also... adam levine ♥

There is so much going on out there and I wish I could explain it, I just pray about my situation and I'm waiting for a person to take my hand and just tell me it'll be alright. Life is so short to be angry and fighting and hold stuff in. Let it go!!! Remember you have so much be Thankful! God Bless...

Watches Breaking Dawn with you....Makes soup when u r sick...Takes out the trash Always... lol (that's mine)...

Call me weird, but I think a kiss on the forehead means a lot more than a kiss on the lips, I just do.

Yes!!! I can so relate! First month, I'm prim and proper, by month two, I'm randomly doing the running man out of the blue and doing backwards summersaults off the bed.

everything is going to be just fine. :)

I'll do anything not to make to trips to the car....

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Exactly!!! When I cried this morning, it was over all things I had built up inside me. *sighhhh*

is to believe sunshine is incapable of entering a broken window and illuminating a dark room