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  • Kylie G

    hilarious. People of walmart! ;)

  • Abbey Toombs

    Walmart cake. This is hilarious in a pathetic sort of way

  • John Brockway

    Cake Wrecks make me giggle!!!

  • Ashanti Bass

    Nice job Wal Mart. So funny!

  • Heidi Dalton

    This is too funny! it happend with my birthday cake my gram asked them to put happy birthday Heidi instead they put happy birtday Heidi how can u forget how 2 spell birthday seriously:) died laughing it was so funny no one understood why i was laughing until i pointed it out then that's when they started to crack up with laughter so hillarious

  • Lisa Lulu

    Wow. Really? Funny stuff!

  • Ashley Townsend

    Hilarious. Thanks, Wal Mart!

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