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    • Kayleigh Tschanen

      Truth. Why can't all men be like Cary Grant...

    • Anne Marie

      If I ever meet a man in real life that approaches Cary Grant, move over.

    • Amethyst Charlotte

      This is a legitimate question (I mean Cary Grant is the most gorgeous man ever... not like men today can compare to that stud)

    • Sylvia Coons

      My God Men, get back to dressing up once in awhile.

    • Al <3

      So true! Men, we ladies prefer Cary Grant type... Clean it up.

    • Barbara Ford

      Don't laugh. This is a legitimate question.

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    First, it's the laptop. After that, it's the iPad, then the iPod. This is my hubby and I... almost every night!

    every time. I think this is an INTJ thing. I don't know anyone else who 'gets' this!

    I'm gonna be a hipster and say that I've been using this spongebob scene as a "Lets take (problem) and push it (solution)" meme in my every day life since the day it aired as a new spongebob episode.

    This is so true! How are we (college students) supposed to fit our 3 5000 page books, notes and papers, and a laptop on that little desk?

    1st World Problems... hahahaha, I've actually thought at least 3 of these things this week.

    This is literally the only reason why... and I usually just delete them without listening...

    Never had a problem--consider it a competition to get the other people to leave due to my stench...

    It's why I always look at people's tagged photos, thats the true them (:

    All of these are so true...